Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Saachii : foreword

With a mission to transform the urban landscape we at Sachii Global are dedicated towards beautifying cities and making it a much better and greener place to live for local residents and at the same time to attract visitors.
      We at Sachii took up the initiative to restore, transform and beautify the urban landscape in the best possible way. The innovation is what we believe in, we introduce innovative ideas and their realization can be clearly seen in our projects,to execute these ideas we have a finest team of enthusiastic and professional artists along with the creative staff.
     In collaboration with partners, companies, sponsors, institutions and respective Municipal authority, we are restoring the aesthetic values in public Art and also creating awareness with the same.
    As our core motive is to beautify city for general masses, we also aim at creating awareness on different social issues by our work and also by creating public volunteer as retention of this aspect of program expands it reach and also it provides education and training opportunities to youth.
   Adding the substance of Art in our projects,we ensure to execute our work in the best possible way. This substance not only enhances the beauty but also helps to explore the Indian history, culture and colour.
    From restoration to transformation, from creating awareness to Green scape, from conservation to preservation we are doing it all but in a beautiful way.
      It is just a beginning, a start, but has a long way to go. It is just an initiative to make our motherland developed and beautify it with art, Horticultural, Murals and Graffiti to attract maximum tourists and executives contributing to make India a developed nation.

Hifzur Rehman
Co - founder
Saachii. Co

Saachii : the organization


Saachii is an interdisciplinary platform for formulating methodologies in organizational efficiency. It is a premium servicing agency for commercial liasoning and principle collaboration.

The projects undertaken by SAACHII are aimed at creating the necessary social avenues for cultural interactions, and contributing to evolutionary amalgamation.  Through its several awareness campaigns and research work, as a collective organisation, the attempt is to create participation and  interdependence within human communities. For this purpose, saachii art recidency was started

Providing a work environment for practitioners to delve in their subjects at relative grounds, saachii,  with its many social projects has featured turn key artists from around the world towards converging ideas. The works range from conceptual orifices to feats of human collaboration that tell tale of its contribution to the ebbing engines of humanity on earth.

The Approach

Resolving a problem
We believe humans have great capacity for social alignments that can identify and resolve developmental issues in the society at large, today. Our effort is to extend the learning curriculum beyond institutions and homes, giving pictures to social determination in public areas in an attempt to tap in to the  social capability of learning through visual mediums of community art and values.
To the people,  by the people, for the people

Conserving the ecosystem
With our focus on developing social avenues,  we create projects with ground participation. regional communities get to contribute in live campaigns that are designed to serve the native ecosystems with environmental and sustenance ethics.
Inspired by Terra farming, we challenge ourselves to optimise functioning and purpose to our extended social habitats like streets,  walkways and open plaza by creating point interactions and events that connects ideological ecosystems.

The heritage.
We believe tradition and culture is our combined common heritage and we must work towards building value to our inheritance by encouraging multi - cultural programs and ethenic efficiencies that surface in countless stories of surviving arts.

The harmony
Keeping age with growing trends, we believe harmony is the greatest social indicator of progressing ideas. By connecting timelines and storytelling we motivate convergence among participating perspectives.

The contribution
Our revolution begins with the Intellectual armament of society where teams of subject experts and artists will co-ordinate community projects to ease and uplift the quality of life in targeted areas. Every participant will be accredited for their efforts and contributions within the organization.  It is desirable for our ranks to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service.

Saachii Art Residency
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SAACHII : Society Art And Community Heritage Initiative Individuals

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