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Wings of unity : Social narratives in public art

Wings of unity : Social narratives in public art
Art Director Hunny Mor putting final touches to street art at civil lines, Gurugram, Haryana.

Butterfly park, sector 52, Gurugram
Saachii Art Residency

The butterfly effect
Inspired by the Role of public art in development of social and individual identity, we are Creating social avenues for people to participate in cultural currents and help create a lifestyle that is well woven with environmental ethics in the fabric of sustenance.

From a child walking his way to school till the elderly women basking their silver hair in chirping sunlight. All humans inhabit this extended home of roadside footpaths and open social spaces like parks and plazas, along with other market and business areas.
Reaching out from their well preserved and organized houses and apartments, the people provide functioning and purpose to the effort taken in connecting and laying down the streets and steeples. And now,  Junctions and occupational spaces, that were long dominated by the rigidity of cobblestone and concrete are also evolving with macro bubbles of environmental alternatives towards developing a balance. There is an air circulating deeper in the veins of city streets generating awareness on environment and connecting ecosystems.

The butterfly
An insect metamorphosises, creeking out of its crust in a cacophony of colours reminiscing the explosions of agility, stranded out in patterns livid as the turning of nature on mother earth.
A butterfly is so beautifully buoyant, that the flap of its delicate wings not only creates the required lift for its majestic levitation but also serves an example to how algorithms of transiting energies can create impact on ecosystems and species health in studies of environmental science.
The butterfly park in gurugram,  run by Mr. Sanjay is situated in the sector 52A. With admirable efforts from his team, they have a functional butterfly breeding program in a contained greenhouse condition that is part of a garden that extends several hectares, housing distinctive species of regional birds and plant. With a small cafeteria and several public art on display in the park, it is quite a sanctuary for the well thought. 

The effect
We will dedicate ourselves to "recycling and sustainability " for creating the "wings of unity" sculpture in celebration of the unification of elements in an ecosystem.
The entire structure will be created from scrap by a team of trained artists.
Join the saachii team and become Feathers in the wings of humanity

Art by choice : A pledge at Saachii

Art by choice : A pledge at Saachii

The discovery of Aesthetics

"In bringing to form what heart pries
Through the falls and onto the rise
Where the world will start, In a clear trace,
To define us and point our space"

Powered by the evergrowing perspectives it is still anything but predictable to spell out the boundaries of aesthetics. Shouldered by this responsibility, great many through mankind have scaled the peaks of this effort to define and implement aesthetics. The results have been as simple as craft and complex as science while always being artistic and creative. It is fair to say,  aesthetics is the evolving art. It shows on the horizon of existence. In the fragility of the living.

Procreating perfection

"In a deem to endless tire,
Sometimes water, some fire,
We will raise as a virtue, tool, and our grace,
In a bid to stay,  And hold our place. "

We believe in Sustenance. The abundance in nature provides the opportunity for our toil to shape and create individual aspirations. And connecting these aspirations in a social network of viable culture is our effort to procreate the perfection that nature is.  By the choice of our inclination to our work,  we dedicate our practice, well aligned with the questions of daily life and ideological Utopia, in a symmetry of aesthetics and beautification. Art is our choice.

Our revolution begins with the Intellectual armament of society where teams of artists will co-ordinate community projects to ease and uplift the quality of life in targeted areas. Every participant will be accredited for participation and their efforts and contributions.  It is desirable for the team aspirants to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service.

Adopt Smiles : Social avenues for special needs

Special needs of social avenues
Adopt smiles campaign

Village choaupad
Samarthala, harayana

Himanshu Mor

Taking a leaf from synesthesia, which is the brain's novelty for creating complex and worthy connections, we attempt to tap in to the  social capability of learning and focussing aided through visual mediums of community art and values. The effort is to expatiate the learning pallet beyond school corridors and homes, giving pictures to social determination in public areas.

We encourage citizens to join the initiative,  adopt smiles. Let the world be your canvas and create an occasion for individuals to raise the community morale. We worked at a village chaupad in the town of Samarthala in harayana. After cleaning an open area in the the town center and decorating the walls of the town hall or Community center called a chaupad in native language, we organised a campaign within the local community to give more purpose to the community areas. The designs we painted on the walls focussed on their native pride with natural green pallets and motifs motivating the generations to work together in the balance of their ingenious community to thrive at the multiple fronts of ecology,  lifestyle, career aspirations and economic growth.

The location was previously a semi abandoned building, unkept from marginal use, extending into an open playground and limited plantation. Locals used it for evening gatherings and festival celebrations. We decorated the walls with detailed colourful pictures of birds and motivated locals to bring the children around often and create interactions for them. Several illusions are also created within the artwork to motivate curiosity in that environment. The playground walls depict a calm soft landscape with elements like neat huts,  happy children and day to day village life. We also added mythological figures to initiate story telling and self governance ideas.

Saachii : Art Residence and vocational workshop

Saachii fine art
Vocational workshop
Volunteer notice

Your chance to train and work with leading visual artists in India.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES and get shortlisted for an opportunity to feature at the upcoming Art festival in Gurugram.

SELECTED CANDIDATES will get a chance to train with the core team at the festival and will receive active feedback for career orientation along with a certificate for participation and special efforts.

ACCEPTIONAL CANDIDATES will also be counselled to apply for internships and internal job openings within partner companies.

Undergraduate students pursuing bachelor's in fine art or equivalent academic discourse.

1. It is desirable for candidates to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service
2. Candidates should be dedicated to skill and precision while willing to perform in an open work environment anywhere across India.

1. Candidates can submit only one artwork for selection.
2. All submissions must include the original artwork and the "Entry Application Form".
3. Candidates can use any media of their choice With optimum dimensions for convenient handling.
4. For digital artwork, candidates can submit entries to with a filled copy of "Entry Application Form" and copy of original file in the respective format.
5. Only entries submitted before 8th April 2019, 1200 HRS will be accepted.
6. All artworks must clearly represent the theme "WINGS".

All entries will be adjudicated by a team of project managers and the creative director at
The results will be announced online and shortlisted candidates will receive an acknowledgement letter along with the SOP for festival itinerary.


Name :-
Email address :-
Qualification :-
Contact number :-
Residential address :-

Write short notes on the following (100 words) :-
1. Define art  and highlight the importance of art in society.
2. Role of technology in art.
3. Social responsibility of an artist.

Note :- all rights to the festival are reserved on behalf of SAACHII pvt. Ltd.  

India's first Voter Park

India's first Voter Park

Applied arts for social avenues.  A concept note on the Voter Park by creative director Hunny Mor.

The voter park
Adc office
Vikas sadan
Near mini secretariat

General Election 2019 in India has already seen unprecedented awareness among voters through various government campaigns across the country. Introducing the first time voters to the voting responsibilities of a citizen, the District Election Office, Gurugram has taken initiative and created a first of its kind VOTER PARK. The Additional District Commissioner office in Gurugram which is also housing the district election office dedicated it's courtyard and garden compound including a scraped official vehicle for the setting up of a "pride on wheels" for voters to assimilate their voting experience with the national voting awareness.

The voter park is open for visitors with free entry during office hours and is created inline with the team vision of developing social avenues where local communties can indulge in well nurtured conversations for a successful society. The walls of the office compound have been coloured with intricate patterns using vibrant colors emphasizing the festive mood encouraged as a part of the maha tyohar of India,  the general election 2019. The green area has been tended to create a spring calling, with a cascade of flowering plants, landscaped in a neat garden undergrowth, encircled by a walkway, systematically laid, in hexagonal cross junction tiles. Alongside one can also learn about the electronic voting using a demo EVM machine present at the site, or explore national facts and figures compiled by election commission pertaining to previous elections, installed on public display across the compound. Under the calming shade of deciduous trees, visitors can also rest their comfort on the recliner benches and listen to the awareness news announced from a subtle loudspeaker, all installed as part of a time preserving snap sculpture  with an old,  retired official vehicle, an ambassador car painted in a traditional Indian motif at the entrance  and heritage art form like Bagro art, Dabu art, Ajrakh art, Batik art, Patola art and typography inducted in the colorful expressions of the park overview. These art forms have been practiced since ancient times through generations of traditional artist and were selectected to create a connection with the national heritage and revive traditional arts.

We hope citizens will take this opportunity and bring members of their families and friends, specially the first time voters for a walk that will empower them with the pride of being a democratic asset; a responsible citizen.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wall of Democracy : Public art on Social sensitivity and ethnic convergence by Hunny Mor

Wall of democracy
The Mahatyohar of India
8 May 2019

In an effort to address social sensitivity and ethnic convergence, in light of the mahatyohar of India, general election 2019,   Art Director Hunny Mor decided to create a reflection of  liberal diversity present in the cultural pool that India owes it's heritage to.

Inspired by the colors of tradition that he engaged with in his cross country travel, he  articulated his composition to bring the citizen face to face with an image that is one of the thousand faces that he has painted on the Wall of Democracy, right outside Mini Secretariat, Gurugram.

India is the world’s largest democracy.  As India became a democratic nation post its independence in the year 1947, thereafter, the citizens of India were given the right to vote and elect their leaders. In India every citizen has the right to vote irrespective of their caste, color, creed, religion, and gender. It has five democratic principles – sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic.

Wall of democracy is a public art installation to spread awareness about these 5 pillars of democratic principles. Completed over a week, featuring the detail it took to personalize every character within the artwork, a thousand individual faces were painted. And further, apparel motifs that the artist has carefully laid to represent indian communities were punctuated within this public art. The vibrant colours displayed on the walls become a lively companinion to the sidewalk and are awaiting citizen participation on 12th May, 2019, by an overwhelming vote to the spirit of celebration.

SAACHII : Society Art And Community Heritage Initiative Individuals

Cutting corners is the best way to sustain a circumlift that can balance the parity of lifestyle upon humanity today.