Sunday, May 19, 2019

Art by choice : A pledge at Saachii

Art by choice : A pledge at Saachii

The discovery of Aesthetics

"In bringing to form what heart pries
Through the falls and onto the rise
Where the world will start, In a clear trace,
To define us and point our space"

Powered by the evergrowing perspectives it is still anything but predictable to spell out the boundaries of aesthetics. Shouldered by this responsibility, great many through mankind have scaled the peaks of this effort to define and implement aesthetics. The results have been as simple as craft and complex as science while always being artistic and creative. It is fair to say,  aesthetics is the evolving art. It shows on the horizon of existence. In the fragility of the living.

Procreating perfection

"In a deem to endless tire,
Sometimes water, some fire,
We will raise as a virtue, tool, and our grace,
In a bid to stay,  And hold our place. "

We believe in Sustenance. The abundance in nature provides the opportunity for our toil to shape and create individual aspirations. And connecting these aspirations in a social network of viable culture is our effort to procreate the perfection that nature is.  By the choice of our inclination to our work,  we dedicate our practice, well aligned with the questions of daily life and ideological Utopia, in a symmetry of aesthetics and beautification. Art is our choice.

Our revolution begins with the Intellectual armament of society where teams of artists will co-ordinate community projects to ease and uplift the quality of life in targeted areas. Every participant will be accredited for participation and their efforts and contributions.  It is desirable for the team aspirants to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service.

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