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Wings of unity : Social narratives in public art

Wings of unity : Social narratives in public art
Art Director Hunny Mor putting final touches to street art at civil lines, Gurugram, Haryana.

Butterfly park, sector 52, Gurugram
Saachii Art Residency

The butterfly effect
Inspired by the Role of public art in development of social and individual identity, we are Creating social avenues for people to participate in cultural currents and help create a lifestyle that is well woven with environmental ethics in the fabric of sustenance.

From a child walking his way to school till the elderly women basking their silver hair in chirping sunlight. All humans inhabit this extended home of roadside footpaths and open social spaces like parks and plazas, along with other market and business areas.
Reaching out from their well preserved and organized houses and apartments, the people provide functioning and purpose to the effort taken in connecting and laying down the streets and steeples. And now,  Junctions and occupational spaces, that were long dominated by the rigidity of cobblestone and concrete are also evolving with macro bubbles of environmental alternatives towards developing a balance. There is an air circulating deeper in the veins of city streets generating awareness on environment and connecting ecosystems.

The butterfly
An insect metamorphosises, creeking out of its crust in a cacophony of colours reminiscing the explosions of agility, stranded out in patterns livid as the turning of nature on mother earth.
A butterfly is so beautifully buoyant, that the flap of its delicate wings not only creates the required lift for its majestic levitation but also serves an example to how algorithms of transiting energies can create impact on ecosystems and species health in studies of environmental science.
The butterfly park in gurugram,  run by Mr. Sanjay is situated in the sector 52A. With admirable efforts from his team, they have a functional butterfly breeding program in a contained greenhouse condition that is part of a garden that extends several hectares, housing distinctive species of regional birds and plant. With a small cafeteria and several public art on display in the park, it is quite a sanctuary for the well thought. 

The effect
We will dedicate ourselves to "recycling and sustainability " for creating the "wings of unity" sculpture in celebration of the unification of elements in an ecosystem.
The entire structure will be created from scrap by a team of trained artists.
Join the saachii team and become Feathers in the wings of humanity

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