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Saachii : Art Residence and vocational workshop

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Vocational workshop
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Your chance to train and work with leading visual artists in India.

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES and get shortlisted for an opportunity to feature at the upcoming Art festival in Gurugram.

SELECTED CANDIDATES will get a chance to train with the core team at the festival and will receive active feedback for career orientation along with a certificate for participation and special efforts.

ACCEPTIONAL CANDIDATES will also be counselled to apply for internships and internal job openings within partner companies.

Undergraduate students pursuing bachelor's in fine art or equivalent academic discourse.

1. It is desirable for candidates to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service
2. Candidates should be dedicated to skill and precision while willing to perform in an open work environment anywhere across India.

1. Candidates can submit only one artwork for selection.
2. All submissions must include the original artwork and the "Entry Application Form".
3. Candidates can use any media of their choice With optimum dimensions for convenient handling.
4. For digital artwork, candidates can submit entries to with a filled copy of "Entry Application Form" and copy of original file in the respective format.
5. Only entries submitted before 8th April 2019, 1200 HRS will be accepted.
6. All artworks must clearly represent the theme "WINGS".

All entries will be adjudicated by a team of project managers and the creative director at
The results will be announced online and shortlisted candidates will receive an acknowledgement letter along with the SOP for festival itinerary.


Name :-
Email address :-
Qualification :-
Contact number :-
Residential address :-

Write short notes on the following (100 words) :-
1. Define art  and highlight the importance of art in society.
2. Role of technology in art.
3. Social responsibility of an artist.

Note :- all rights to the festival are reserved on behalf of SAACHII pvt. Ltd.  

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