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Haryana ka MAHOTSAV 2019 Rajya Sabha elections : Systematic Voters' education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP)

Haryana ka  MAHOTSAV 2019 Rajya Sabha elections : Systematic Voters' education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP)

Vikas sadan
Mini secretariat
13 Sept 2019

With the starting of Haryana ka MAHOTSAV 2019, Rajya Sabha elections, ADC Md. Imran Raza (IAS)  inaugurated SVEEP activity (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) for upcoming Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana with a graffiti campaign coordinated by art director Hunny Mor. It is an initiative by the election commission office of Haryana,  which is housed in Vikas Sadan headed by Mr. Gaurav Singh (PRO). The honorable chair persons, with a foot forward to motivate the officials, were the first to lay colour on the wall, along while addressing words of encouragement to motivate staff members, who participated in extending the wall  of democracy by creating more colourful palm impressions on the  compound wall with a pledge to spread more awareness on election responsibility among officials and voting rights of the citizen.

The campaign will continue for upcoming days inviting more citizens to come forward and be a part of the "Wall of Democracy" and mark their palms in colour with the pledge.

Staff members at gurugram administrative block participating in Graffiti for voters'awareness  

The installation will also include the "Pride on Wheels" which was created in May 2019 for voter awareness during 2019 general elections. This installation has been a feature at previous SVEEP events and has drawn crowd curiosity towards voting awareness. 

ADC Md. Imran Raza with PR Officer Gaurav Singh, Art Director Hunny Mor and other officials present at the event

"Pride on wheels" is a retired official vehicle. It is an ambassador car that was preserved and assigned for public display.  It was then painted in a traditional Indian motif and heritage art forms like Bagro art, Dabu art, Ajrakh art, Batik art, Patola art. These art forms have been practiced since ancient times through generations of traditional artist and were selectected to evoke the national heritage and create familiarity with the diversity of Indian demography. 

Participating officials in front of the "Wall of Democracy" with the "Pride on Wheels" in foreground
For detailed information on voter education and SVEEP please visit the link below
In case the link doesn't work then copy and paste in address bar on new tab. 


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