Friday, October 11, 2019

SAACHII welfare Society

Saachii welfare Society is a non government organization started by social reformers Advocate Tazim Rehman and art director  Hunny Mor.

The principles of the service opportunity offered by Special needs of society
Taking a leaf from synesthesia, which is the brain's novelty for creating complex and worthy connections, we attempt to tap in to the  social capability of learning and focussing aided through visual mediums of community art and values. The effort is to expatiate the learning pallet beyond school corridors and homes, giving pictures to social determination in public areas .
To the people,  by the people, for the people.

The environment
We are Creating social avenues for people to participate in cultural currents and help create a lifestyle that is well woven with environmental ethics in the fabric of sustenance.

All humans inhabit the extended home of roadside footpaths and open social spaces like parks and plazas, along with other market and business areas.

Reaching out from their well preserved and organized houses and apartments, the people provide functioning and purpose to the effort taken in connecting and laying down the streets and steeples. And now,  Junctions and occupational spaces, that were long dominated by the rigidity of cobblestone and concrete are also evolving with macro bubbles of environmental alternatives towards developing a balance. There is an air circulating deeper in the veins of city streets generating awareness on environment and connecting ecosystems.

The heritage.
Time and space has witnessed what consciousness can achieve. in this everchanging world that we all inherit, the pinnacle is but footprints on the sands of time. mankind has build wanders of creative occupation throughout its reach and have attempted to conserve the  almighty word of its intellect through its brilliance of communication.

Tradition and culture are two of the most intense identities that have guided the human glide over prosperity as much as it has been the bone of contention for conflicts and disagreements. today the world, though orginating on common grounds, yet has come to be divided into several distinct and ingenious communties. this diversity has set pace to human development but requires the master catalyst of art to remain functionally oriented. what we commonly describe as art are the stories that surface through mediums of interest and proliferation such that we may say for humans, our heritage has been our art. chitrayog tries to keep the vibrance of this artistic heritage buoyant in its evolution and connecting the stories further.

The harmony
the art scene today, like never before, is exploding with ideas and expressions that have transcended into the age of information. with every instance of possibility that it can trend, the concept of lifestyle and identities has certainly come to life. being aware is a collective trend and that information which is shared among most has great pottential. it is being attempted to create representations of such possible global harmony into greater and greater space.

Skill development and human resource management:Chitrayogi
Our revolution begins with the Intellectual armament of society where teams of artists will co-ordinate community projects to ease and uplift the quality of life in targeted areas. Every participant will be accredited as a Chitrayogi for their efforts and contributions.  It is desirable for the Chitrayogi to have a keen observation and adaptive learning along with an intrinsic passion for arts and community service.

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