Saturday, October 12, 2019

Para Linguistics and Public Art

Hunny Mor

The cities are seeing it all. The streets are bearing witness to countless step hops,  making their way to thrive and find glory. Each moment leaves it's reflection in time.  Specially among the facades of towering city maze,  these moments reflect many times before they leave out to the endless sky.

Graffiti is a social projection appearing often as street art in the ever evolving diaspora of public art. The community has an innate sense of absorbing from the environment and conforming perspectives. Over the years the chaos of street signs,  posters and graffiti have given rise to a new language that is combination of several routines from the native life.  For keen observers the ability to adapt to several community conversations is PARA linguistics, which is now playing a greater role in public art than ever before.

Often public art revolves around p
PARA linguistics
(public awareness and rationale analogy for multi lingual resolves)

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