Saturday, October 12, 2019

Water Conservation and Bridging Ecosystems with Public Art

Water Conservation and Bridging Ecosystems with Public Art

New Delhi,

Flowing water collects memory
The oldest memory that water collects gets distributed in the universe as the water flows and takes shapes so profound in its versatality. Water is magically agile and clear. It is malleable within a convenient enthalpy. That which is touched by this wonder is drenched and nourished through its turning patterns. Where it reaches, there becomes alive. Such is that bond between water to water that it's surface tension is enough to find a guide through humble orifices and into capillaries making a way where it may roam. The Queen's pond had a miracle of apostasy. It continues it's journey inside our bodies rushing in the terrain of organs. Even while, in the sparkle of crawling amber and the ouncing dew, such that it's beautiful yet rigid crystal it forms in a snowflake, melts at the slightest warmth.

Let's warm our talks, and not the climate.

Hunny Mor
Day : Wednesday,  16 October 2019
Time : 06:00 Am
Activity : Panchsheel park

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